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Low back pain is the leading cause of seeking out healthcare. Current research predicts approximately 80% of adults will experience low back pain at some point during their life.

With a prevalence this high, inaccuracies and misconceptions often lead to prolonged treatment time and an increase in spending.

The CDC estimates $50 billion is spent on low back pain treatments every year.

Check out these 10 helpful facts concerning low back pain.


  1. Low back pain treatment should always include loading of the spine and gradual exercise.

  2. Majority of low back pain is not structural but instead related to soft tissue injuries, changes in activity, and stress levels.

  3. Spine posture while sitting, standing, or lifting does not predict low back pain, instead lack of movement and prolonged postures should be evaluated.

  4. While core and breath work is important-a weak core does not cause low back pain.

  5. Management of low back pain should always include education that is patient centered and focuses on a positive mindset with positive outcomes.

At Apex Performance Clinic we incorporate numerous techniques-including joint manipulation, soft tissue work, and spine strengthening to help you return to a pain free lifestyle. Contact us with any questions or schedule now.

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